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To bring the best out of everyone's game.

The teams behind bluePi are deeply inspired by the World of iGaming. From the latest releases to the biggest and hottest in the technology to hit the industry, we live for the thrill, the interface, the excitement. Basically, the whole package!


Transforming the world of iGaming to favorable digitalised community that everyone is connected and grow their aspiring lives.

bluePi is a professional Tech Consulting company; An iGaming industry in the Asia Pacific who focuses on offering A One-Stop Service for iGaming partners. From starting the business, providing an intelligent platform, regulatory and compliance consulting, Marketing Solutions, and Data Analytics solutions. We simply make it happen from strategy and consulting to technology and operations services.



To create, support, and retain a safe, joyful, and responsible entertainment-based game community for business, employees, and society.

We are a convergent of

technology, entertainment, and arts

for the next good of iGaming.


We put the Next Tech as our integral part to
create an experiential iGaming value.


We are hereby to promote the value of
entertainment and put a smile on people's faces. Cheers to everyone up through the game.


We expand our value and relationship
by inserting the design aesthetics

into every game.

How do we do that? Through bespoke digitalization, business consulting, game development, and platform providing. We are focused on the future of iGaming,
a future where everybody wins, from our on-staff creatives to passionate gamers and the community as a whole.

Before founding the company, we brainstormed all of the pain points, we experienced while iGaming. Then we talked to our iGamer squad.
They had some ideas that we never even considered. Equipped with this research and a never ending stream of ideas, we were off and running
– ready to help our partners get a slice of the iGaming Pi!


Our expertise lies in consulting on marketing strategy. We conduct thorough research and analysis to develop practical plans to help you achieve your business objectives. In addition, we can create a brand that meets your needs.


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Life @ bluePi

Learn more about life at bluePi via our blog posts and news articles. We have a wealth of helpful information to help you get a real feel of what bluePi is like from the inside.

With the Right Platform, Everything Is Possible.

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