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Our Core Values


Outcome Over Process

We stay lean to move fast. We are flexible and responsive to customers’ needs.

In the rapidly changing iGaming market dynamics, we must think beyond current processes and practices. Approach matters less than we think delivering value to customers while keeping up to market speed is most critical. Therefore, we must focus on how to actually solve customers’ problems by working cross-functionally to find faster, simpler, and better approaches.


Be One Team

We work together as one. Our diversity enables us to achieve greatness.

A diverse workplace is an important asset for every organization. A multicultural workforce offers us new perspectives, inspires creativity, and drives innovation. This gives us an important competitive edge as we will expand into new markets in the future. 

We must aim to build effective working relationships within and across work groups to achieve shared goals. 


Bet on Big Ideas

Dare to think big and implement new ideas. We have the freedom to innovate that is led by a scientific mindset. 

If we want to change the world or have a big success, we need to take bold bets, which means we need to experiment and risk failures. 

This is why we need to willingly acknowledge failures, be open to learning, and relentlessly improve our experimentation by using data to support decision-making. 


Work-life Balance

Achieving good work and a life filled with joy is our daily mission.

Achieving work-life balance and harmony is more important than ever in our generation. It reduces stress, prevents burnout, and increases happiness and productivity. 

Our increased time and positive energy give us the power to make a greater impact.

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