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iGaming Now In APAC


Southeast Asia is famous for being one of the main regions on earth where people go to gamble. However, we found that the same countries with a successful gambling industry have expressed their fears of being overtaken by the rise of online gambling (Singleton S, 2020).

According to The Asean Post, “The Philippines reported that growth in revenue from gambling in the country has mostly come from offshore gaming operators.”


Gambling is prohibited in several Asia countries. However, most authorities don’t block international gambling websites. In a mood to have some fun, rather than travel to regions where gambling is acceptable, more and more people prefer heading towards online websites.


Gambling is a traditional and important part of Asian culture, and with a growing middle-class market and an increasingly tech-savvy and outward-looking youth, (Sharon S, 2020) the prospects for businesses catering to Asia look increasingly bright, with those who offer the highest quality products likely to benefit most.

Many Asian countries have a very deep-rooted gambling culture, and as regulations are becoming more relaxed, iGaming operators are slowly, but surely, establishing a presence in various Asian markets.

There are four main pillars that support Betting business in Asia. And those pillars are: Agents, Affiliates, Technology (especially messengers) and influencers (Kyrylenko, 2020).

Online operators in Asia are reporting a huge increase in online activity with a scramble to get new products and sites online to meet the growing interest from the market. However, the lack and consistency of regulation in Asian markets also means a growing concern for the protection of players. Unregulated sites pose identity and fund protection risks, added to the concern that mounting financial uncertainty for many will lead to increased problem gambling (Alderney eGambling, 2020).

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