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Life at bluePi - Gamification and Activities 2021

We work smart and play hard, in our community at bluePi we put everyone's work-life balance a priority to ensure that everyone has a healthy lifestyle and to help encourage creativity, teamwork, excitement, and fun.

In 2021, our HR team came up with various options of games and activities for everyone to have a little break from work and participate in the fun together. The purpose of this is to help everyone be more relaxed, take time off between work, get to know each other a little better, build teamwork and enjoy the fun together.

To spice up the activities a little more we have "Pi Coin" collection for every activity everyone participates in. Gold Pi Coin, Silver Pi Coin, and Bronze Pi Coin each have different counts. And by collecting these Pi coins, they can redeem a prize as they wish at the end of the year based on the amount of coins they acquired throughout the year.

Let's see some examples of our activities in 2021: - Let's Draw, Guess, Win

This is an easy fun online game about drawing, we divided into groups randomly selected by the HR team and two teams will be playing in each round. Everyone will get a chance to draw and anyone can guess the drawing, who is the fastest to guess the drawing right gets the highest points and follows for the next one right.

There are many categories but we mainly choose food and animal to make it easier as not everyone is good at drawing, so a little help from the HR team for the noobies haha.

To add a little more fun, each team will have to come up with a team name and video background to indicate the same team as everyone will turn on their camera while playing.

Can you guess the drawing right? Some are tricky or maybe it's just a bad drawing haha.

And here are the faces of our winners, best drawing, and worst drawing. Congrats guys! You have proven to the world that art can be both beautiful, creative, or just sketchy drawings. :P

GreenPi - Grow your daisies together!

A cute set of DIY daisies has been delivered to everyone's door. The purpose of this activity is for everyone to try to do something new during the COVID-19 lockdown in order to keep them motivated and have something to look up to each day while they are growing their daisy. And of course, we have a little reward for those who can take good care of their daisy till they bloom. It was a 4-month challenge for our bluepian to grow their daisy beautifully and felt proud of their outcome.

Each week we will have a following up session for everyone to update their daisy. It is impressive to see how much effort everyone is putting into taking care of their daisy. Is not as if we have to compete with each other, but it is more of competing with yourself, having discipline, being patient, and there it is, the daisy blooms!

Emoji Guessing Game

A more exciting game follows! This game is a piece of cake. All you have to do is guess the emoji. That's all the game is about, it may require a bit of creativity as HR won't make an easy guessing emoji of course ;) Let's try to guess a couple of examples below.

Basically, there's no team in this game. We randomly selected players into pairs and whoever guess it right first gets the point. It is funny how everyone is trying to guess the right word based purely on the given emoji. But the tricky part is, not all emoji give the exact words and that's where the creativity comes to play.

bluePi X ROV Tournament

The real competition has begun. The ROV tournament that we conducted was epic! We divided players into a group of 5 and just them play the game. We do ban some of the ROV characters just to be fair, typically we banned newly launched characters at the time. But to be honest, it's all about the skills ;)

And here are the faces of our winning team. Go go bluepian!

Music Intro Guessing Game

Another piece of cake game (is it?) to boost up bluepian's memories. Music Intro Guessing game is a game where players will have to guess the music based on 5 seconds of the intro being provided. Challenging isn't it? Here's the deal, our HR team provide various song including a new song, old song, childhood song, movie song, and famously well-known song of all time. Anyone listening to it for 5 seconds could possibly know (only if you can remember it though).

What happened was that almost everyone know or have heard of the song but they could not remember the name of the song or the artist! So we give them a bit of a hint when they can't recall it sometimes, but an extra point to those who can guess both artist and the song right. Fair enough.

Knowledge Sharing Session

Enough with the fun let's have some facts! We provided knowledge sharing sessions conducted by our own employees to share their knowledge, tips, ideas, etc with their colleagues. It is a voluntary activity so everyone can be the speaker and the lecturer of their own. Everyone's topic was very interesting, like a new knowledge acquired, like opening a new chapter in life. Great job guys! Let's keep sharing for the greater good!

Here are some examples.

bluePi Halloween Fright Night

Our last activity of the year. Happy Halloween! Boooo~

There isn't much to do during the lockdown but we came up with a scary idea of horror storytelling and make up for the Halloween online session for everyone to join. Basically, on a Friday night, everyone is all dressed up for Halloween and anyone who thinks they have a scary story to tell takes turns to do the storytelling.

More than this we sent a little treat to everyone's door for a trick or treat, and we also support our employees on their Halloween meal where they can order anything they want with the given budget so that they can have a meal together virtually they are together.

So far, these are some activities of 2021 to share. There were more and there will be more for 2022!

Work smart, play hard, because ... We lived for the thrilled.

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