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iGaming Market Global

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Europe Market


Gibraltar has been the first country (British Overseas territory actually) opening its doors to the iGaming industry. The first one to have settled here was Victor Chandler (BetVictor) back in 1998. Since then, Gibraltar has become one of the main hubs to the iGaming industry. Some of the bigger names such as, William Hill and Gala Coral are headquartered in Gibraltar. It has a favourable tax system for both companies and employees and the salaries are paid in Pounds. With many employees living in Spain and paying everything in Euro, it definitely is an interesting place to work, both financially and culturally with the Spanish lifestyle blended in a British work environment.


The small island of Malta is situated in the Mediterranean under Italy(Sicily). Although companies have moved here later then is the case with Gibraltar, the last years it has seen a big increase in number of iGaming companies as taxation wise it is the clear winner. It is especially popular with the Nordic iGaming companies such as Betsson, Unibet, Mr. Green, Nordic Bet etc.. The salaries are paid in Euro and life is cheaper than in Gibraltar and London, as a result it attracts a lot of younger people.

United Kingdom

The U.K. is the home base of the iGaming industry, the place where it all started long before there were any websites or online casinos available. It’s not that surprising that many companies still have offices here. While the locations are quite fragmented, most of the roles are located in London (, Unibet, Gala Coral, Playtech) and Stoke-on-Trent (bet365), Leeds (William Hill), Warrington (Betfred), Nottingham (Gala Coral) as other cities where one can find iGaming roles. Most third party software providers such as Spielo G2 or GameSys also have offices in London.


Many big names (888, William Hill) have smaller offices in Israel, which is known for its advanced technology and highly skilled people.

Asia-Pacific Market


Gains the most online market size at $ 3,997.1 million, while the country fully bans gambling within the countries, the fastest-growing markets are the emerging ones such as India and the South East.


is the second fastest-growing iGaming market in the world with online gambling market size worth at $ 830 million in 2019, which expected to quadruple within the next 10 years.

It can be seen that many of the bigger companies have several offices located in countries like Sweden, Spain, UK, Estonia, Malta and increasingly in Asia.

From the diagram above, it is obviously seen that online gaming is the most popular in Asia Pacific region with 55% share of market size. The studies conducted by Euromonitor shows that annual disposable income and credit card penetration are higher in Malaysia and Thailand. Hence, the gamers in these two countries have more willingness and ability to pay that lead to better monetization of mobile games.

The research also reveals that eSports is deeply connected to Asians’ lifestyle and they spend a lot of their time playing games (Petrova L, 2020). Therefore, we can see that eSports betting can soon become one of the popular market in APAC’s iGaming industry.

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