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Rapid Growth

Intense Competition

The intense competition has forced operators and developers to offer unique products and all sorts of financial incentives (Smithee A., 2019).

Some focus exclusively on developing a bigger and better games that bring something new to the table. Therefore, Market players are focusing on continuous product launches and mergers & acquisitions to expand their market presence and gain a competitive edge in the market.

iGaming platforms have also done well to expand the offering of their most popular games, slots. Now, you’ll find a huge range of massive, ever-increasing progressive jackpot games as well as hundreds of themed games. The diversity in the gaming sections allows them to appeal to anyone who wants to play a game, making iGaming incredibly accessible.

Reasons Behind The Market Growth (APAC)

01 A Large number of populations of some Asian countries such as China and India. Residents of Asia, whose total number is 60% of the world’s population, have already shown a special tendency to gambling (Calvin Ayre Press Releases, 2020).

02 This region includes a few strong world economies (Rapid Economic growth), among them – China, India and Japan.

03 A rising disposable income in Asia Pacific has resulted in a higher spending capacity, which is also expected to contribute to segment growth. “Being obsessed with China, people often forget about Southeast Asia in particular, but there are 700 million people there with a very healthy middle class in countries like Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. (IAG Vice Chairman and CEO Andrew W Scott, 2020)

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