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What Will Happen Next?

iGaming Trends

1. Changing gamblers’ habits & a birth of a new style of “Entertainment-based games”

So, it’s time to consider more innovative concepts to offer and a greater focus on entertainment and community-based value.

2. Pandemic effect consumer adoption of new technology in all economic sectors

So, the key procedure is to adopt proprietary technology to catch the wave!

3. Cryptocurrencies and esports, could affect even greater market size figure in upcoming years (EA Editors, 2019).

4. Remote working is a New Normal

While ensuring properly protection to the players, so this allows talented employees to strike a better work and life balance.

5. The Asian-Pacific market is thought to be among the most favourable regions

for the popularisation and evolvement of the gambling sector in the world. Therefore, taking into a favorable situation in the Asia-Pacific region, we might forecast that a large number of companies will try to enter this market.

Overall, the Asian market is seeing a trend towards increases in gambling revenue, as well as movements towards increased legalization. Countries with legalized gambling enjoy massive profits, and in countries where gambling is illegal, underground forms of gambling - including, to a very large extent, online casinos registered in foreign countries - enjoy a tremendous amount of popularity. The Asian market offers numerous individual countries where citizens are underserved, and opportunities to face those underserved markets by obtaining a license from PAGCOR or CEZA. (Slotegrator, 2019)

3 Innovations Are Reshaping iGaming Landscape

01 Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being developed to provide an unpredictability and better challenge to online gamblers.

Traditional computer games usually offered a player vs computer mode; fun, yet could be predictable and completely unvaried in terms of gameplay and outcome. AI can automatically adjust its own difficulty, so it can challenge novices and experts alike as easily. AI brings unpredictability, excitement and diverse outcomes which are based on previous gameplay experiences. The experience for the player is therefore much more realistic and often akin to playing a human opponent. Furthermore, AI is becoming more effective at lessening cheating from players. They could become highly personalised in the future, run by AI completely (Finsmes, 2020).

02 Virtual Reality (VR) will become a norm to create extremely immersive experiences.

Live casinos are already a hit, and we are seeing more and more 3D games coming out. Soon VR will also become a norm, allowing players to enjoy a more lifelike gaming experience. By combining VR Headset with a Live Casino Game, players can access to a new height of immersion (Breaking Travel News, 2020).

With VR technology, players can enjoy playing games and have social interaction without leaving their home.

03 Blockchain will soon be adopted to create more security and transparency.

The future sets to be intertwined with other developing technologies such as digital currencies and their underlying technology, blockchain (Research and Markets, 2020). According to Bitcoin news, iGaming platforms are progressively adopting cryptocurrencies as it gives a way to gamble in banned place. A lot of online casinos and online gambling sites have been accused of not being transparent and hiding their internal workings and the methods for their dealings. These concerns can be addressed using blockchain technology. With blockchain technology, it can helps company with provable fairness, better payment solutions, stronger security using DApps, live streaming authentication, affiliate tracking platforms, personal data protection, and many more (Vuckovic N,, 2021). Therefore, Blockchain casinos are actually increasing in popularity as the said future beckons.

“iGaming is easily accessible and keep on getting more wide spread, creative, and safer.”

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