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bluePi Kit

Do you want to know what it's like to work at bluePi? The answer is simple. We make it simple for you to complete your tasks from wherever you are. This is a welcome gift for our newcomers as they begin their journey with us! As a new bluePian, you'll receive a bluePi kit (BlueBox) as a welcome gift! And, because we're a remote working company, we'll deliver it right to our employees' doors. There is no need for you to visit the office for this one.

Here's everything you'll get from a BlueBox, BluePi Kit.

  • MacBook and other equipment for work

  • Stickers and keychain for cool

  • Tote Bag for carrying

  • Core Values Book for Culture

  • Tumbler for a drink

  • T-Shirt for your style

  • Notebook and Pen for your imagination

  • And, of course, Welcome Card!

We hope that these items make our new employee feel at ease and welcome.


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