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Taiwan Outing 2023

"At last, the moment has come for us to unite and embark on our journey to Taiwan."

Our organization's work policy supports remote working, which means in-person meetings are infrequent.

Company outing like this provide the opportunity to bond and share experiences. This particular trip to Taiwan marked our organization's maiden international adventure. It's truly thrilling!!!

During our four-day, three-night journey, we visited Feng Chia Night Market in the initial evening. As the biggest market in Taichung City, it offers an array of items ranging from bags and clothing to sneakers and delectable foods for exploration.

On the second day, we set out early for Cingjing Farm, eager to immerse ourselves in its breathtaking landscapes and watch the herds of sheep roam.

Then, we traveled to sail on the Sun and Moon Sea and visit Wenwu Temple before returning to Taipei City.

On the dawn of the third day, we journeyed to Jiufen Old Street, a stunning and historic destination. The area boasts an array of local delicacies and offers charming souvenirs.

And the last place of the day is Chiang Kai Shek Memorial.

And we all ate at Xiao Long Bao. Then, party before the day is over. Because tomorrow we have to travel back. Let's forget to celebrate.

And then this trip ends. We have built a relationship, including getting to know each other, Because some people have hardly ever met, haha.

"Together we traveled, together we thrived: Company Trip 2023. 🌟🛫🌆"


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