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bluePi Mini-Outing 2022: Kanchanaburi

After a long and tough half-year, we've never stopped work hard and develop our products. Though, challenges keep chasing us, we still break it through and YES! we hit our goals. So, why don't we pack our a bag, loose our mind and heading to Kanchanaburi, Thailand.

Set off #1: Start the journey

We jumped on a van which provided by company, and if any bluePians are convenient to drive by themselves, the company will also support the gas.

At the half way, we stopped to fill up our stomach at a local restaurant in Kanchanaburi; name is Khun Tum, it was an excellent food, plus chatting with coworkers make the meal ever more special. Surely, if any of you keen on the check this restaurant out with a large group like us, you should reserve in advance. Otherwise, you will not have any available seats.

Rest #2: Jumping in the river

As soon as our feet hit the first hotel. We grab our life-jacket and really to dip into the River Kwai, well...who can resist the chill of a river right?

Gaming #3: Cocktail and Mocktail Time!

We team up bluePians and started a competition 'Cocktail your style' to make a drink to match the character and style of the people we randomly selected. After completion, we let each team presented their drink, including voting to for the winner.

Energy #4: Xtreme Time

Starting day two, it was a time to shake our body up and heading to the Xtreame Centric Park. There were heaps of extreme activities waiting for us. Such a driving ATV, archery, rope bridge & skyclying and more!

Here comes the end of BluePi mini-trip. Let's see if any relaxing vacation and fun activities coming. Wait and see until next time!


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