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The Mighty Pi

After we launched working 100% remotely, everyone is seeing each other less often resulting in less engagement and interaction between the employees. So we decided to develop the solutions to solve this. We created "The Mighty Pi" to help gather employees to participate in the activity together for more engagement and building relationships.

The Mighty Pi has just begun this quarter. Where there is no limit to the activities, it can be any kind of activities that we could do it together and anyone can join. Everyone can suggest any activities they are interested to participate in to the people team and we will arrange a suitable date and time for the activity.

For the first activity of The Mighty Pi, we went for the Laser Game. Everyone was glad to see each other again and most importantly, it was fun! The game was exciting because each game will have new battle rules that everyone will have to follow. We separated into different teams and come up with plans to overcome the other team. It was a team-building kind of fun activity back then.

For our second activity, we go for a more adventurous and challenging activity, "The Rock Climbing." It was the first time for most of the joiners and they need to gather the courage to do it, haha. Very impressive in overcoming the challenge guys!

There will be more fun activities coming along this year, so hang tight!

See you in the next activity!! :)



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